Some of the better interactive tools to use in the classroom. These resources have been so much fun to implement with students. They love using them. Check them out.
  1. OER - Open Educational Resources this site offers new ways to engage with free-to-use learning content.
  2. MyT4L - Create educational resources in a snap. Rubrics, Graphic Organizers and more.
  3. File Hippo - Download some great open source software.
  4. Quizlet - Create online quizzes and flashcards for students to access. Great for setting up classes and practice assessments.
  5. Thatquiz - create a free teacher account so that you can build math assessments.
  6. Zoho - Online word processor with collaboration features. No download, No install, just sign up to create documents.
  7. Visionlearning - create an online classroom environment with modules and interactive classroom resources.
  8. Evoca - empower your voice through embedded audio recordings.
  9. Slideshare - create, publish, embed and share your PPT presentations for free.
  10. Writeboard - create a board to write and collaborate. So simple and no strings. Check with RSS feeds.
  11. Splashcast - a great way to create, share and embed video.
  12. IMMEX - a great interactive science module. This is one of the best that I have ever seen. Create a classroom for students to interact with labs in real world situations.
  13. Project Poster - kids can create simple web sites in a snap. Great for quick and easy projects.
  14. Toondoo - create online cartoon comic strips.
  15. - some of the simplest and best tools.
  16. - go back in time to the older versions of the internet sites.
  17. - greate resources for creating rubrics, calendars and more.
  18. - National Center for educational resources.
  19. WISE - web based science inquiry environment.
  20. Visuwords - define words and concept maps
  21. Quintura - visual web search engine!!! Awesome!!
  22. DLESE - Digital Library for Earth's Systems Education. AWESOME Resource!!!!
  23. Book Builder - Create Free eBooks - anyone can write and publish for free!!
  24. Kaltura - Build a channel and have other add and edit it with you.
  25. Gigapan - create or explore panorama images from around the world. Similar to a virtual field trip.
  26. Wikipedia - Historical Aniversaries - go back in time to find information for any given day or year.
  27. SCRATCH - learn to program with a free visual editor!! MIT is the creator. It's a good one!
  28. Visual Dictionary - great tool for seeing new words.
  29. Interactive Snowflake - Make a snowflake online. Download or share it.
  30. Interactive Simulations - primary grade games or simulations.
  31. Fiery Timers - cool timers for classroom activities

Great Math Sites

Don't hesitate to share some of your favorites!!!