Great Links for Kids
My Sons' and Daughter's favorites.
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5th Grade Book Reviews

Cool Sites for Kids
Ask Dr. Universe – Does your child have a propensity for asking hard questions about the universe?
Cool Science for Curious Kids – This site is produced by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Discovery Kids – This is the children's online companion to the Discovery Channel. NASA Kids' Club – Space is the final frontier and is a topic that children find endlessly fascinating. From online flight simulators to amazing high-res pictures of space, this is a great place for your little science expert to visit.
National Geographic Kids – All kids love to read about dinosaurs and the wild side of nature.
How Stuff Works – While this site is targeted toward people of all ages, children should be interested in learning how everything we take for granted in this world really works.
The Atoms Family – Learn all about "mad" science with appearances by Universal Monsters.

Quintura For Kids