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Educational Technology is revolutionizing instructional practices worldwide. 21st Century Educators need instuctructional supports and resources in order to keep up with the rapid change in societal expectations and demands of our children. It's obvious that the vast majority of techno savvy and the not so savvy teachers are willing to make the change if we are willing to support their needs. We must change the way we teach in order to reach today's children, tomorrow's enterprise.

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    What does it take to be a productive 21st Century learner and teacher? Advertisements Posted in Educational Tec...
  • ClassTools May 28, 2008
    Create flash based games or interactive tools for your content and students learning process.  Students will enjoy the interactivity and independent learning opportunities.  Give this site a try.  You will keep coming back for more!
  • Google is Getting it Right!!! May 25, 2008
    I often read the Official Google Blog to stay current of their latest endeavors.  I must say, they are doing an incredible job!  They are now offering Google Sites for anyone who wants to establish a web presence.  It is so easy to do that even my nine year old son can do it.  If [&hellip...

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